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If you have not already done so, PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW AND PRE-REGISTER FOR the ADRL World Finals IX at Royal Purple Racew…ay ASAP!!! The ONLY ay to GUARANTEE yourself a spot in Thursday or Friday testing is to PRE-REGISTER and pay in advance. There were several teams UNABLE to test in Memphis and Rockingham as a result of NOT Pre-Registering. We are expecting another HUGE TURNOUT which may result in FULL testing fields an LONG LINES at the gate. For those of you that have raced with us in the past, you know that by PRE-REGISTERING, you will also be allowed to COMPLETELY BYPASS those LONG LINES and be PARKED IMMEDIATELEY upon arriving! Thanks for your continued support and we will see you in Texas!!! (Photo by Ian Tocher)

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Officials from the American Drag Racing League announced today that online voting is now open for the eighth and final spot in the inaugural Bert Jackson Memorial Shootout for Extreme Pro Stock competitors. ADRL fans can visit the ADRL’s official website, www.ADRL.us and cast their vote. The Sonny’s Racing Engines Bert Jackson Memorial Shootout presented by BigStuff3 will take place during qualifying at the ADRL World Finals IX at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas on Friday, October 18, 2013.

Seven of the eight spots were determined by this year’s ADRL Extreme Pro Stock national event winners and the current point’s leader. They include John DeFlorian (Dragpalooza IX), Trevor Eman (Spring Drags IV), John Montecalvo (U.S. Drags VI), Scott Hintz (Summer Drags IX), Doug Kirk (Memphis Drags IV), Cary Goforth (Dragstock X) and Elijah Morton who is the current points leader. The eighth and final spot will be awarded to one of the remaining three competitors currently in the top ten in the points standings based on online voting. Those competitors are Pete Berner (6th), John Pluchino (7th) and BrianGahm (10th). The ladder will be determined by a random draw prior to the first round of the Shootout.

To learn more about Sonny’s Racing Engines visit their website, www.sonnysracingengines.com.

To learn more about BigStuff3 visit their website, www.bigstuff3.com.

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Officials from the American Drag Racing League announced today that they have signed a multi-year partnership with Subaru Industrial Power Products to be the “Official generator of the ADRL”.

“Having an internationally recognized brand such as Subaru see value in the ADRL is very rewarding,” said ADRL President Kenny Nowling. “We look forward to showcasing their fantastic line of products at our events and introducing them to our fans and racers alike.”

Subaru Industrial Power Products offers high quality products at a competitive price and is the name you can trust for all of your power products needs. Subaru carries a complete line of durable, portable generators for homeowners as well as professionals. Subaru integrates its reliable, easy-to-start engine technology with the same technologically advanced equipment design to ensure premium performance for the most demanding applications.

“We have been following the ADRL’s return to prominence very closely this year,” said Subaru Industrial Power Product’s Dennis Kloet. “Their loyal fan base and racers are a perfect fit for our products. We are tremendously excited about this partnership and are looking forward to rolling it out at the upcoming ADRL World Finals in Houston.”

For additional information about Subaru Industrial Power Products visit their official website, www.subarupower.com.

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Officials from the American Drag Racing League announced today that popular clothing brand Public Nuisance Garage will sponsor an eight car Pro Extreme shootout as part of Carolina Dragway’s Battle of the Big Dawgs event October 11-12, 2013 in Jackson, South Carolina.

“We have been searching for away to celebrate the ADRL’s tenth anniversary at Carolina Dragway for quite some time,” said ADRL President Kenny Nowling. “Without the initial support of Carolina Dragway owners Jeff and Angel Miles the ADRL may have never gotten off the ground. The first Dragstock event there in 2004 is still widely considered one of the greatest drag races ever held and they deserve a lot of credit for that.”

The ADRL Pro Extreme Shootout presented by Public Nuisance Garage will follow ADRL Pro Extreme rules to the letter. The winner will earn $10,000, the runner up $3,000, semi finalists $500 and qualifiers will earn $250 each.

“It is hard to believe that it has been ten years since the original Dragstock,” said Carolina Dragway co-owner Jeff Miles. “Dragstock was such a great event and we are thrilled to have this reunion shootout as part of our Battle of the Big Dawgs event. It will be awesome to see some of the stars of the ADRL back where
it all started.”

Public Nuisance Garage President Larry Jeffers added, “Being associated with the ADRL this year has been a huge benefit to our company. When Kenny contacted me about sponsoring this shootout I couldn’t say yes quickly enough.”

To learn more about Public Nuisance Garage visit their website, www.pngarage.com.

To learn more about Carolina Dragway visit their website, www.houseofhook.com.

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Officials from the American Drag Racing League announced today that renowned chassis builder Larry Jeffers Race Cars will offer 2013 ADRL world champions in Pro Extreme, Pro Nitrous, Extreme Pro Stock, Pro Mod and Top Sportsman $20,000 towards the purchase of a complete race car.

“Larry Jeffers has once again stepped up to support our race teams in a huge way,” said ADRL President Kenny Nowling. “His support of our racers this season has been second to none and I personally cannot thank him enough.”

“This has been without a doubt the most exciting year in ADRL history,” said Larry Jeffers Race Cars President Larry Jeffers. “We want to do anything we can to continue to show our support for the ADRL and their race teams.”

For additional information about Larry Jeffers Race Cars visit their official website, www.larryjeffersracecars.com.

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If you have not already done so, PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW AND PRE-REGISTER FOR THE ADRL WORLD FINALS IX AT ROYAL PURPLE RACEWAY ASAP!!! Remember, at this event, you will be earning points towards the last 2013 event AS WELL AS THE FIRST 2014 EVENT!!! We are expecting another RECORD TURNOUT which may result in LONG LINES at the gate. For those of you that have raced with us in the past, you know that by PRE-REGISTERING, you will COMPLETELY BYPASS those LONG LINES and be PARKED IMMEDIATELEY upon arriving! Thanks for your continued support and we will see you at the World Finals!!!


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Two time ADRL Pro Extreme World Champion Jason Scruggs just laid down a 3.63 @207 to pace the field in his SCRUGGSFARM.com ’63 Corvette during Thursday testing for Dragstock X at Rockingham Dragway!!!

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Stevie “The Honey Badger” Jackson just went 3.67 @ 205 in Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani’s ADRL Pro Extreme ’69 Camaro during Thursday testing for Dragstock X Rockingham Dragway!!!

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Drivers representing five different countries and 18 states earned the right to compete for $500,000 in bonuses next month when the American Drag Racing League’s Battle for the Belts comes to Steve Earwood’s Rockingham Dragway.

Eight drivers in each ADRL category qualified for the special all-star event that will be contested on Friday, Sept. 6, the day before the start of Dragstock X, the most successful event in ADRL history.

Those qualifiers include Raymond Matos of Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, Adam Flamholc of Malmoe, Sweden, Terry Schweigert of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada and Trevor Eman of Pos Chiquito, Aruba, as well as Carolina veterans Rickie Smith, Elijah Morton, Jason Harris and Kevin Mullins.

The Battle for the Belts has earmarked $50,000 for the winners in Pro Extreme, Pro Nitrous and Extreme Pro Stock and $20,000 for champions in Pro Mod, Pro Extreme Motorcycle and Pro Drag Radial.

In addition to North Carolina, drivers from Texas, West Virginia, Florida, Illinois, Tennessee, Mississippi, Montana, Alabama, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Maryland, Iowa, Georgia, Louisiana and Missouri won the right to race for the biggest prizes in the series.

The vehicles participating in the Battle for the Belts are as diverse as the drivers ranging from the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda driven by Pro Modified points leader Matos to the 1955 Chevy Nomad of Pro Extreme leader Joey Martin of Milton, Fla., to the 2014 Chevy Camaro of Extreme Pro Stock contender Pete Berner of Crete, Ill.

Steve Jackson of Martinez, Ga., will be the star of one of the most interesting subplots in the Battle for the Belts as he tries to become the first driver to win belts in two different categories. He will be the No. 1 seed in the Pro Nitrous class and was the No. 1 finisher in the Pro Drag Radial category.

Qualifiers for the ADRL’s Battle for the Belts, a $500,000 bonus race to be contested on Friday, Sept. 6 at Rockingham Dragway in advance of Dragstock X:

PRO EXTREME – 1. Joey Martin, Milton, Fla., 1955 Chevy Nomad, 1,904; 2. Alex Hossler, Canton, Ill., 1969 Camaro, 1,795; 3. Tommy D’Aprile, Port Charlotte, Fla., 2005 Corvette, 1,688; 4. Von Smith, Oak Ridge, Tenn., 1969 Camaro, 1,624; 5. Mick Snyder, Demotte, Ind., 1963 Corvette,1,506; 6. Jason Scruggs, Saltillo, Miss., 1963 Corvette, 1,425; 7. Tie, Brandon Snider, Atmore, Ala., 1963 Corvette, and Bubba Stanton, Potts Camp, Miss., 1969 Camaro, 1,310 each.

PRO NITROUS – 1. Steve Jackson, Martinez, Ga., 1968 Camaro, 2,040; 2. Mike Castellana, Muttontown, N.Y., 2012 Camaro, 1,516; 3. Jim Laurita, Morgantown, West Va., 1968 Camaro, 1,022; 4. John Camp, Cannonsburg, Pa., 1968 Camaro, 935; 5. Tie, Pat Stoken, Eureka, Montana, 1969 Camaro, and Jason Harris, Pittsboro, N.C., 1968 Firebird, 886 each; 7. John Hall, Coral Springs, Fla., 1968 Camaro, 885; 8. Tommy Franklin, Fredericksburg, Va., 1969 Camaro, 858.

EXTREME PRO STOCK – 1. Elijah Morton, Jacksonville, N.C., 2012 Mustang, 1,607; 2. John Montecalvo, Center Moriches, N.Y., 2008 Cobalt, 1,516; 3. Pete Berner, Crete, Ill., 2014 Camaro, 1,431; 4. Scott Hintz, Odessa, Texas, 2013 Mustang, 1,170; 5. Trevor Eman, Pos Chiquito, Aruba, 2011 Mustang, 1,386; 6. John Deflorian Jr., Arnold, Mo., 2012 Camaro, 1,281; 7. John Pluchino, Commack, N.Y., 2006 Ford Escort, 1,213; 8. Doug Kirk, Lenore, West Va., 2014 Ford Mustang, 1,062.

PRO MOD – 1. Raymond Matos, Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, 1970 Barracuda, 1,420; 2. Travis Harvey, Elon, N.C., 1968 Camaro, 1,387; 3. Adam Flamholc, Malmoe, Sweden, 1967 Camaro, 1,319; 4. Rickie Smith, King, N.C., 2013 Camaro, 1,293; 5. Jimmy Keen, Parrish, Fla, 1963 Corvette, 1,290; 6. Kevin Rivenbark, Wallace, N.C., 2002 Firebird, 1090; 7. Dan Stevenson, Bolingbrook, Ill., 2013 Camaro, 732; 8. Larry Higginbotham, Mineral Ridge, Ohio, 1957 Chevy Bel Air, 674.

PRO EXTREME MOTORCYCLE – 1. Eric McKinney, Hammersville, Ohio, 2,638; 2. Ashley Owens, Decatur, Ala., 1,637; 3. Dave Norris, Bryans Road, Md., 1,624; 4. , 1,533; 5. Travis Davis, Douglas, Ga., 948; 6. Brunson Grothus, Davenport, Iowa, 869; 7. Ronald Procopio, Wake Forest, N.C., 849; 8. Charlie Prophit, West Monroe, La., 757.

PRO DRAG RADIAL – 1. Mark Micke, Jefferson City, Mo., 1978 Chevrolet Malibu, 817; 2. Steve Jackson, Martinez, Ga., 1993 Ford Mustang, 656; 3. Kevin Mullins, High Point, N.C., 1997 Ford Mustang; 4. Kenny Hubbard, Montgomery, Texas, 2002 Chevrolet Camaro, 563; 5. Jason Michalak, Cypress, Texas, 2002 Chevrolet Camaro, 539; 6. Frank Mewshaw, Palm City, Fla., 1988 Pontiac Trans Am, 474; 7. Paul Major, Ft. Salonga, N.Y., 2001 Chevrolet Corvette, 463; 8. Mark Woodruff, Arnold, Mo., 1967 Chevrolet Corvette, 411.

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Pre-entries for this weekend’s ADRL Memphis Drags IV at Memphis International Raceway reached the 200 mark just a few moments ago! Ironically, the 200th entry was none other than future ADR…L Hall of Famer and inaugural Memphis Drags Pro Extreme winner Bil “Big Money” Clanton (pictured here on the right in the 2006 Memphis Drags winner’s circle) . This event is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated in the storied history of the ADRL!

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Pesz’s Track Record In PX Heads Qualifying List At ADRL’s Memphis Drags III

Sporting a new look on his ’58 Corvette, Pro Extreme driver Brandon Pesz delivered a track record to cap off a thrilling day in the American Drag Racing League’s (ADRL) return to Memphis International Raceway for the Memphis Drags III.

With a bold new wrap, Pesz ran a blistering 3.66 at 206.99 mph in Friday’s third qualifying session to top the run Jason Scruggs made three years ago in Memphis, jumping to the No. 1 qualifying spot in Pro Extreme in the process.

If the standout run holds up, it would be the first No. 1 qualifier for Pesz in the ADRL.

“We’ve got a fast hot rod in the heat and the track was real good today,” Pesz said. “It means a lot to get the record and be in that No. 1 spot. It’s awesome and I knew this car had that in it. I knew it was there and I just want to continue to do my best.”

Other top qualifiers through three sessions on Friday include Burton Auxier (Pro Nitrous), Billy Glidden (Mickey Thompson Extreme 10.5), Eric McKinney (Pro Extreme Motorcycle), John DeFlorian (Extreme Pro Stock), Pat Musi (Aeromotive Fuel Systems Pro Modified) and Ronnie Davis (Summit Racing Equipment Top Sportsman).

The fourth and final round of qualifying at Memphis International Raceway takes place at 12 p.m. CST on Saturday with eliminations to follow.

Pesz went 3.689 on his first pass to take the top spot through the first two sessions before Tommy D’Aprile opened up with a 3.684 under the lights. Of course, Pesz followed minutes later with his brilliant run.

Jason Scruggs is in third with a 3.694 but there could be major changes on Saturday with considerably cooler conditions expected in Memphis.

“In the position I’m in, I’m going to get after it,” Pesz said. “There’s going to be some big numbers all day. If the weather holds up, there could be some 3.50s in the semifinals and finals.”

Burton Auxier hopes this is the weekend he breaks through for his first win in 2012 after three runner-up finishes, and he’s off to a fine start in Pro Nitrous at MIR.

Auxier, the 2010 PN world champion, took the No. 1 spot after three sessions with an impressive 3.89 at 195.08 mph in the afternoon heat on Friday.

“We’ve been working on some things on the car and, after some testing, we found some ways to make it quicker,” Auxier said. “This told us we’re going in the right direction and we’re expecting some good numbers. I know it’s there.”

Auxier had company in the 3.80s during the final qualifying session under the lights, as Stan Allen went 3.893 at 193 mph and Jason Harris delivered a 3.899 at 192 mph. But Auxier holds a slim advantage the day before much cooler weather is expected at MIR.

“It’s going to be really good conditions tomorrow,” Auxier said. “The car will be capable of making good runs, so we hopefully we can put it all together.”

John DeFlorian turned it up a notch as the sun started to set for the final qualifying session in Extreme Pro Stock. DeFlorian was already the top qualifier after his first pass of 4.13, but he raised the bar on the final pass in the class on Friday, running a 4.105 at 176.14 mph.

“The conditions were a little better, but we found a problem after the second run,” DeFlorian said. “The Pro Stock cars were in the pits and we were there thrashing right before we ran. It was kind of a guess, but we went with it and it was hauling. What an awesome day.”

Both John Pluchino and Richie Stevens ran 4.13 to sit second and third, respectively. After getting his first ADRL win earlier this year, DeFlorian is more than ready for his second, though much cooler temperatures expected for Saturday and the always-competitive XPS field will make things difficult.

“The conditions have a chance to be the same or maybe even better than St. Louis (when DeFlorian ran a world-record 4.01),” DeFlorian said. “If it is like that, we’ll just put the same set-up we had in that race. It could be interesting.”

All it took was one session for Eric McKinney to continue his dominance in Pro Extreme Motorcycle. Coming off back-to-back wins for the second time this year, McKinney is off to a fine start in Memphis, running a 4.106 at 172 mph.

“We left everything the same from Charlotte (where McKinney won) and just put in a fresh motor,” McKinney said. “Hopefully we’ve got enough passes in it.”

Paul Gast turned in one of the best passes of his career with a 4.119 at 175 mph to sit in second, but McKinney remains the favorite for his fifth win in 2012.

“It’s going to get quicker, but I love seeing the field so competitive like this,” McKinney said. “It’s just good racing every round.”

Pat Musi, who is looking for his first ADRL win, turned in a clutch performance on his final pass of Friday, delivering a 3.936 at 192.55 mph to take over No. 1 in Aeromotive Fuel Systems Pro Modified after three qualifying passes.

Adam Flamholc just missed his second straight No. 1 qualifier, but he sits second with an impressive 3.976 at 188.31. Both Mike Janis and Todd Tutterow went 3.979 as the top four in the diverse class consisted of two supercharger cars, one nitrous car and one turbo car.

Ronnie Davis continued his hot streak in Summit Racing Top Sportsman, running a 4.074 at 179.61 mph on his very first on Friday. Coming off a win at Dragstock IX last month – his first ADRL win – and back in the championship hunt, Davis impressed immediately in Memphis.

“We ran the car exactly the same as we did in Charlotte,” Davis said. “I like running fast, but we’ll probably have to do some different things (on Saturday).”

Keith Raftery made a big jump in his final qualifying run, going to second with a 4.087 at 179.23 mph. Bob Gulitti’s 4.167 at 171.84 mph has him in third.

Billy Glidden went 3.991 at 186.79 mph to jump to the top in Mickey Thompson Extreme 10.5. He remains the only driver in the history of the class to reach the 3-second zone in Memphis.

Alan Pittman came close with a 4.008 and Dan Myers ran a solid 4.015, but Glidden remains on top.

In Pro Junior Dragster, Mitchell Seymore is the current No. 1 qualifier with a 7.903.

(Photos by ADRL/Richards)

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Second Round Of Qualifying Complete At Memphis Drags III



Burton Auxier hopes this is the weekend he breaks through for his first win in 2012, and he’s off to a fine start in Pro Nitrous at the ADRL’s Memphis Drags III at Memphis International Raceway.


After two qualifying rounds on Friday, Auxier has separated himself from the Pro Nitrous pack, running an impressive 3.89 at 195.08 mph during the second round to take the top spot Friday afternoon. Points leader Bob Rahaim was second with a 3.943 and Jason Harris and his solid 3.946 had him third.

Brandon Pesz didn’t need to make a second pass in Pro Extreme to stay in the top spot, as his outstanding 3.689 at 207.21 mph from the first session kept him in front of 20 other PX cars.
But he does have company now as Jason Scruggs became the second driver to dip into the 3.60s with a 3.694 at 206.10 mph. Tommy D’Aprile improve to third with a 3.722.

Billy Glidden also didn’t make a second pass, but he deserved to bask in the 3.991 at 189.79 mph he put together in the heat of the day in Mickey Thompson Extreme 10.5. That’s good enough for the top spot, with Alan Pittman in second at 4.088. Glidden’s run made him the first XTF car in ADRL history to get into the 3-second zone in Memphis.

Eric McKinney holds a slight qualifying advantage over Paul Gast in Pro Extreme Motorcycle, who put together one of the best passes of his career with a 4.119 at 175 mph during the second qualifying session. McKinney remained on top with a strong 4.106 at 172 mph from his first pass. Terry Schweigert also improved to a 4.131 during his second pass.

A track record in Extreme Pro Stock was good enough to send John DeFlorian to the top spot, as he went 4.131 at 175 mph during his first run on Friday. John Montecalvo went 4.147 to sit second after two passes.

Adam Flamholc grabbed the top spot in Aeromotive Fuel Systems Pro Modified after two rounds, running 3.976 at 188 mph. Dan Stevenson, Pat Musi and Mike Janis all went 3.99 in their second passes.

Ronnie Davis and his 4.074 at 179 mph remains far in front in Summit Racing Equipment Top Sportsman. Bob Gulitti is next with a 4.167.

The third qualifying session will take place Friday evening, with the final qualifying session take place at 12 p.m. on Saturday. Eliminations will follow at 3:30 p.m.



(Photos by ADRL/Richards)


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With New Look, PX’s Pesz Has Brilliant Start In Memphis

Lethal Threat Racing, fielding the American Drag Racing League (ADRL) Pro Extreme entries of Todd Martin and Brandon Pesz, has a new look for this weekend’s ADRL Memphis Drags III at Memphis International Raceway and Pesz displayed the new look in fine fashion during the first qualifying session on a steaming Friday afternoon.

Pesz went 3.68 at 207.21 mph to jump to the No. 1 qualifying spot, an impressive time considering the scorching track conditions. Pesz was the only driver to reach the 3.60s in the first round of qualifying.

All of it is being done with a new wrap from Kryptonite Kustomz.

“This is amazing; it is so difficult to find a marketing partner at any time, but to join forces with Chris Davis and Kryptonite Kustomz this late in the season I think really showcases the value of our team,” said team owner Martin, who drives a supercharged ’68 Mustang on the 10-race ADRL trail.

“Kryptonite Kustomz is so excited to be a part of Lethal Threat Racing and the ADRL experience,” Davis said. “We are coming to the ADRL race in Memphis (Sep. 7-8), and have never before attended a race of this magnitude. We look forward to answering any and all questions about vinyl wraps or design.”

Martin stressed that he and his crew members have always taken great pride in the appearance of their race cars and everything associated with the team.

The ’58 Corvette that Pesz drives, along with a motorhome and golf cart, spots the new look, making it a certain head-turner in Memphis.

Pesz, who reached the semi-finals at the most recent ADRL event, early last month in Charlotte, said he’s looking forward to this weekend in Memphis.

“It is nice to have a new look for the remaining part of the season and help Kryptonite Kustomz get noticed for the great work they do,” Pesz said. “I also feel like we really are a Lethal Threat to win, so hopefully we can take Chris and the guys from Kryptonite to the winner’s circle real soon.”

(Photos by ADRL/Richards)

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Full Crew For D’Aprile, Mel Bush Motorsports In Memphis

Mel Bush Motorsports and Pro Extreme driver Tommy D’Aprile arrived in Memphis at Memphis Interational Raceway for the Memphis Drags III.
Normally, that’s not a big story.
But this week it is, as crew members Jake Fahy, Mike Dusinski, and Alex Diekfuss, also crew for NHRA Funny Car driver Bob Bode.

Bode is in Indianapolis for the U.S. Nationals, which were delayed to this weekend after heavy and steady rain over Labor Day.
But it wasn’t a difficult decision for Fahy, Dusinksi and Diekfuss, who have been with D’Aprile all season. Of course, D’Aprile has had a banner season, advancing to the finals twice in an outstanding 2012 season.

“We are committed to Mel and we could not leave him in a lurch to stay in Indy. Bode will call in back up crew members and continue the event, and the three of us will be committed to the C5 Corvette driven by Tommy,” Fahy said.

The crew members were not the only ones affected by the Indy postponement. Tuner Todd Tutterow, who has done a brilliant job driving his own car and calling the shots for D’Aprile’s car, was running the Pro Mod class at the US Nationals.

Tutterow was qualified No. 7, but he is in Memphis to keep his commitment to Mel Bush Motorsports.

Tutterow is also running his ’70 Duster, an impressive turbo-charged car, in the Aeromotive Fuel Systems Pro Modified class.

“I have been tuning Mel’s car all year. I made the deal to do so, and this is where I need to be this weekend,” Tutterow said.

(Photo by ADRL/Richards)

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Naiser Dialed In On Championship Chase In Aeromotive Pro Mod


Jeff Naiser is gearing up for a big stretch run in the Aeromotive Fuel Systems Pro Modified class heading into this weekend’s Memphis Drags III at Memphis International Raceway.

Naiser talked about his championship chances in an article on Competition Plus.

Here were his thoughts entering the weekend:

“As a team, we just have to stay focused on our deal and show up and make a good showing. It’s not about who is showing up and who isn’t, we have to do a good job ourselves and focus on what we’re doing,” Naiser explained.

“There’s nine total rounds of racing left this season. It’s down to nine rounds and who’s going to get the most rounds wins from here on out. That’s how I’m looking at it. You can forget everything else and just look at it as a three-race deal. We have to concentrate on our deal. It’s no big deal who shows up. We can’t worry about that. We have to qualify and go some rounds.”

Here’s how it breaks down for Naiser entering the weekend:

Mike Castellana currently has a 274-point lead over Naiser, but Castellana is staying in Indianapolis this weekend to complete the U.S. Nationals.

Naiser has raced at every ADRL event and plans to make the final three, which would give him 250 bonus participation points, a new ADRL regulation instituted in 2012 to award drivers who make all 10 events.

Castellana has not made every race, giving Naiser a golden opportunity in the points championship heading into Memphis.

“We’re just going to do the best we can. We’ve got the right stuff and we’ve just got to put it all together and make the right calls,” Naiser said in the article.

To read the entire article, click HERE.

(Photo by ADRL/Richards)

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Major Storylines As The ADRL Heads To MIR For Memphis Drags III



It’s officially the homestretch in the American Drag Racing League (ADRL), as only three races remain on the 10-race 2012 schedule.


The first of those three takes place Friday and Saturday at Memphis International Raceway, as the ADRL makes its first trip to Memphis since 2009 for the Memphis Drags III.

It kicks off a busy 6-week stretch where the final three races will take place and championships will be decided. With the points title up for grabs in nearly every class, what happens in Memphis will loom large for the final two events.

PRO EXTREME: Can Jason Scruggs pick up where he left off in Memphis?
It’s the home track for the two-time world champion, and Scruggs went an incredible and then-ADRL record 3.66 in 2009. Scruggs may need to repeat that magic to get closer to points leader Mick Snyder. Scruggs trails Snyder by 400 points (4 rounds) and is likely the only racer who can chase down his teammate.
Tim Tindle is the hottest driver in the class at the moment after winning his first ADRL event in Charlotte. What will he do for an encore?

PRO NITROUS: Can Bob Rahaim hold off the hard charges from Doug Riesterer and Rickie Jones?
In the tightest 3-car race in the series with three races remaining, Rahaim holds a slight 57-point lead against Riesterer, and just 120 over Rickie Jones. Someone can make a major move with a good showing in Memphis.
Can Burton Auxier finally break through for his first win in 2012 after so many close calls this year and last year?

MICKEY THOMPSON EXTREME 10.5: Will Alan Pittman come close to finishing the job in Memphis?


Pittman holds a commanding 700-point lead over Billy Glidden and could come close to clinching his first ADRL world championship with another dominant performance in Memphis.
Does Glidden have any magic up his sleeve?


PRO EXTREME MOTORCYCLE: Can Eric McKinney continue his amazing pace?
McKinney now has four wins this season after recording a victory in Charlotte, widening his points lead over Casey Stemper to 700 points.
McKinney can make a major statement with one more strong performance in Memphis.

Will someone else knock Stemper and McKinney off their perch?

AEROMOTIVE FUEL SYSTEMS PRO MODIFIED: Mike Castellana isn’t in Memphis, giving Jeff Naiser a golden opportunity to take the points lead in the class.
Will he do it or will someone else make a late charge towards a title?

EXTREME PRO STOCK: Cary Goforth is getting hot at the perfect time, becoming the first driver to win for the second time in the tightly-contested class in 2012 after his win at Dragstock IX.
Entering the homestretch, it will be interesting to see how Richie Stevens Jr. responds. Goforth opened the gap in Charlotte, so let’s see if Stevens can close it. Also, how will Brian Gahm respond in his new 2013 Mustang?

SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT TOP SPORTSMAN: Will we have our first repeat winner?
This will be the main question until that repeat winner comes. Undoubtedly, this class just seems to get better by the race and Ronnie Davis was the latest winner in Charlotte. He appears to found his mojo and is right back in the points race as well.
Another question: Can William Brown III keep the points lead heading into the final two races?

(Photos by ADRL/Richards)

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Haney, Guest Planning On Pro Nitrous Success In Memphis

After burning the midnight oil recently, the two Keith Haney Racing Chevy Camaros are ready to take on the Pro Nitrous field at this weekend’s ADRL Memphis Drags III at Memphis International Raceway.

Owner/driver Keith Haney said a day-long test session with teammate Monroe Guest proved fruitful and has the team ready to rock Memphis.

“We’re awfully excited after Monroe came up and we went to test at Tulsa Motorsports Park,” said Haney, who co-owns TMP. “We planned on testing for two days but everything went so well (Wednesday) that the guys said we were good to go, so they loaded up and headed to Memphis.

“We were there late, mind you, until like 2 a.m., but the cars were on a rail. It’s okay because I know the owners of the track.”

Haney and Guest missed a majority of the ADRL season whipping their new cars into race shape, but the pair have been making great progress and it’s shown on the track.

“This is just our fourth race with these cars, the third with the ADRL,” Haney said. “We got behind and had some changes on the team but we’re going hard at it with these Reher-Morrison Racing Engines.”

The combination of the test and the recent success in competition has Haney optimistic.

“I like our chances,” he said. “We both won a round at the last ADRL race and had a good chance to win more. This is a tough, tough class. It’s all the big boys out there racing and there is some top-notch teams. Winning a single round is an accomplishment, believe me.”

Gates open at 10 a.m. CDT on Friday and Saturday, with the first round of qualifying on Friday set to begin at noon. On Saturday, the racing will begin at noon with the final qualifying session. The first round of eliminations starts at 3:30 p.m.

“I like Memphis. I usually get to the track and never leave,” Haney said. “I’ll stay right there in my trailer and just totally immerse myself in the experience. I’m glad to be going back there.”

(Photos by ADRL/Richards)

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Team Aruba Bringing Colorful Flavor To Memphis

As the American Drag Racing League returns to Memphis International Raceway for the first time since 2009, teams and fans may begin hungering for blues and barbeque. While Team Aruba is also anxious for the Memphis Drags III, which marks their first visit to MIR, they’re not looking forward to the blues and barbeque as much as they are to sharing their homeland with a new wave of Team Aruba fans.

“Most teams prefer to race at facilities they’ve raced at many times before, where they have a lot of data recorded that they can base their setup on,” told driver Trevor Eman. “We certainly enjoy those perks, too, but we also love racing at facilities we’ve never been to before. This provides us the opportunity to meet and make new fans and tell more people about our wonderful island of Aruba. So, we’re really looking forward to racing in Memphis.”

Memphis fans won’t have any trouble recognizing Team Aruba’s colorful pit area and eye-catching Aruba.com Mustang. Fans can stop by the pit area to learn more about making Aruba their next vacation destination.

Leading up to the Memphis Drags Sept 7-8, Team Aruba tested at Union County Dragway, the track closest to their shop base in Union, SC.

“We don’t often have the same opportunities to test that other teams do, since the car stays in South Carolina and we live in Aruba, but before Memphis we’ll be able to test at our local track. We like to make the most of these test sessions, so hopefully we’ll get a good setup laid down for the weekend. With three races left in the season, we want to make the most of it and finish the year strong.

“We do well when we know we have strong support, so I hope that all of our fans in the Memphis area will come support us at the Memphis Drags. Hopefully we can not only share more of our tiny island paradise with Memphis, but also bring a little of Memphis paradise back to Aruba in the form of a trophy!”

(Photos by ADRL/Richards)

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Summit Racing TS’ Davis Determined To Deliver Again In Memphis

It’s been a month since Ronnie Davis won his first ADRL Summit Racing Equipment Top Sportsman race, but the five-time IHRA Top Sportsman world champion and two-time NHRA Division 2 champ is still pumped up over his Dragstock IX victory at zMAX Dragway in Charlotte.

“I had my good luck charms with me at zMAX—my girlfriend Micki Dearing and world-famous dog Honeybear—we even had Honeybear in the winner’s circle with us,” Davis said. “We all had a lot of fun that day, but that really was a big win because it put me right back into contention for the ADRL championship.”

Davis heads into this weekend’s ADRL Memphis Drags III at Memphis International


Raceway in fourth place—but less than four rounds behind the current points leader.

“I feel like we’re within striking distance now and anyone who knows me will tell you, as long as I have a mathematical chance at winning I’m going to give it everything I’ve got to try and make that happen,” the Suwanee, Georgia-based golf cart dealer said.

“I use a two-man crew, always have, myself and Pete March, but I prefer to do 90 percent of the work myself—that way if it goes well, it’s all good; and if it goes bad, I have no one to blame but myself.”

With just three events left in the ADRL’s 10-race schedule this year (Memphis, Norwalk, OH, and Dallas, TX), Davis is looking to put his Tommy Mauney-built ’63 Corvette back into the winner’s circle as soon as possible.

“I’ve gone back to the way I was running the car last year, which helped a ton in Charlotte and I’m confident it’ll work just as good in Memphis, too,” Davis stated. “Switching to the converter from Cameron Bradham at Torque Converter Services made a big difference and the Switzer Dynamics nitrous system was dead on, too.

“And of course with 822 cubic inches of Roush Yates horsepower, which is just awesome and so reliable, it’s exactly what you need when you’re going up against the best Top Sportsman racers in the world,” he added.

Despite starting his 2012 Top Sportsman campaign in February at the NHRA Div. 2 season opener in Orlando, Florida, and being second in points one month later after three events, Davis stuck to his pre-season plan to go after the ADRL’s inaugural Top Sportsman championship.

“My goal for the 2012 season, right from the start, has been to win the first official ADRL Top Sportsman championship,” Davis said. “I’m feeling good; the car is ready; it’s consistent; so maybe we can get it done again in Memphis. We’re sure going to give it our best shot and see if we can move up a little more in the point standings, too.”


(Photos by ADRL/Richards)

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Jeffers Pro Cars Enjoys Big PX Weekend At Dragstock

Tim Tindle

Jeffers Pro Cars and chassis builder came out of Dragstock IX at zMAX Dragway with an incredible showing after having three cars in the top four qualifying spots in the ultra-competitive Pro Extreme class.

The Mel Bush Motorsports C5 Corvette driven by Tommy D’Aprile qualified No. 4, while the two-car team of Frankie Taylor and Tim Tindle qualified No. 1 (3.66) and No. 3 (3.68), respectively.

“Anytime you have your customer cars in the top half of a qualifying field it’s a good day, but for us to have three in the top four is just a great feeling,” Jeffers said.

Of course, Tindle went on to win the event, picking up his first ADRL win.
Taylor had an engine problem that caused a leak on his first-round burnout, while D’Aprile also went out early.
But Tindle more than picked up the slack, knocking off points leader Mick Snyder in the semifinals and going 3.64 in his finals win against Quain Stott.

“This year has been a lot of struggle for this team, but we have great people behind us with our Jeffers Pro Car, with Tim Tindle and his crew and all of us at Taylor Racing,” said Taylor.
Added Jeffers: “Hopefully this is just the first of many more winner circles for Jeffers Pro Cars.”

Jeffers was not just spectating at Charlotte, as he brought out his awesome “Bad Bus,” getting a great reception from the fans at zMAX Dragway.

“It gets a lot of attention from the crowd. It has a screw blower just like the ones our customers run in Pro Extreme. I am really having fun with the bus; it’s something different and the kids go crazy. It’s a lot of fun for us to be able to put smiles on the kids faces with the ‘Bad Bus,’” Jeffers said.


Jeffers' Bad Bus

(Photos by ADRL/Richards)


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Second Career Win In Aeromotive Fuel Systems Pro Modified A Meaningful One For Janis

It’s been a year filled with adversity, but Aeromotive Fuel Systems Pro Modified driver Mike Janis picked an ideal time to have an impressive performance.

Janis left Dragstock IX and zMAX Dragway on top of the world, thanks in part to picking the perfect time to run his best time of the event. He went 3.895 at 193.28 mph to beat first-time finalist Dave Roemer in the Aeromotive Fuel Systems Pro Modified final, giving Janis his first win in 2012 in the ADRL and a massive smile in the winner’s circle.

It was an especially satisfying win for Janis, who recovered after an early-season crash to win for the second time in his ADRL career.

“It was so consistent this weekend. It was like the car was on a string. We knew we had a good car; it was just a matter of getting some breaks. Getting a win here, it’s one of the biggest I’ve had,” Janis said.

“We were all on the same page today and I’m just proud of this.”

Janis was just as proud of Adam Flamholc qualifying No. 1, as Flamholc went 3.89 for his first No. 1 qualifier in his ADRL career.

“I tell you what, to have one of our good friends and customers Adam Flamholc out-qualify us, might sound crazy, but actually puts a smile on my face” Janis said. “To sit No. 1 and No. 2 at ADRL’s biggest race of the year makes all the hard work and R&D that we put into our supercharger program worth every bit of sweat and tears.
“I am not only proud of my team, but I am ecstatic for the Flamholc Racing team as well. They deserved it.”

Of course, nobody might deserve it more than Janis, who dealt with his share of adversity and heartache in 2012.

He had a nasty crash in Gainesville that put the season in doubt, but Janis saw tremendous resolve from his team to bounce back in tremendous fashion. Through all of

Aeromotive Fuel Systems Pro Modified final

the difficult moments, Janis maintained a positive attitude, and the reward came in teh winner’s circle at zMAX Dragway.


“First and foremost we feel extremely blessed even to be doing what we are doing,” said Janis, who also advanced to a final in Aeromotive Pro Modified at Maple Grove Raceway in May. “After our Gainesville mishap we were not even sure we would be back, but we pulled together and knew there was a ton of potential there.
“This car has been a top contender all year, but we were not able to seal the deal until this past weekend at Dragstock.”

After qualifying No. 2, Janis fought a tricky track in the first round, going 4.20 to beat Jeff Cummins Jr. In the semifinals, Janis took out Jeff Naiser with a 3.91, setting up the final against Dave Roemer.
There, Janis pulled out all the stops, putting together his best pass of the weekend for the runaway victory.

“I am so proud of this team. We went down the track every single pass in qualifying and elimations, and this weekend we had the most consistent combo we have ever had. To go 3.89 in the finals is just nothing short of amazing,” Mike Janis Jr. said.
“I am so proud of this organization. We have been working around the clock trying to secure funding so we can even be out here. This win just shows that no matter what, we will keep clawing and fighting to be out there and do what we love to do more than anything. It is just great to be able to go on Facebook and see all the support we have been getting from everyone. Those words of encouragement really keep us pumped up and make us want to win that much more.”

Mike Janis Sr. shared a similar sentiment.
“My guys have been working so hard all year and I really owe this to them. They have the ‘never give up’ attitude and just kept telling me to be patient,” Janis Sr. said. “For the people who stuck with MJR, it means the world to us.”

(Photos by ADRL/Richards)

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Packed Pits A Regular Sight At Dragstock IX!

Your agent was thrilled to see packed pits and a packed grandstand this past weekend for Dragstock IX at zMAX Dragway.

It was a thrilling event and the support was amazing, and your agent can confirm that the ADRL was extremely pleased with the turnout and reception in its first appearance at zMAX Dragway.

The “Pro Mods & Hot Rods” show was a massive success as well, and your agent has some great details on that which he will be sure to reveal soon.

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Butner Credits Amazing Ford Technology For Fifth Victory In ADRL SuperCar Showdown!

Although he was won five of the seven completed events in the inaugural season of the American Drag Racing League’s crowd-pleasing new SuperCar Showdown category, Bo Butner always manages to find a new path to glory. In scoring the first SuperCar Showdown title ever offered at the ADRL’s oldest event, the past World Champion placed the blame for his most recent conquest squarely on the shoulders of the engineers at the Ford Motor Company.

In its debut at Bruton Smith’s magnificent new zMax Dragway in Charlotte, North Carolina, the ADRL’s DragStock event celebrated its ninth edition with the largest field of competitors in the association’s history and the largest spectator attendance of any stop on the 2012 tour. Regarded as “the Bellagio of dragstrips” by nearly anyone who has competed at the lavish facility, Butner reveled in a hard-fought victory over the toughest adversary of every racer at the event, Mother Nature.

The SuperCar Showdown permits only unmodified current production automobiles in the exact trim in which they are delivered to dealerships including tires of production dimensions. For Butner‘s Indiana-based 2012 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet, nine-inch wide production rear tires can usually keep over eight hundred horsepower glued to the ground. At zMax Dragway, a track surface temperature of over 130 degrees made traction an incredibly rare commodity.

With an ambient temperature of 100 degrees, clear skies ensured the maximum amount of radiation was being absorbed by the black rubber which coated the Charlotte track during the first day of qualifying rounds. When Butner launched from the starting line on his first effort, the supercharged 5.4-liter Ford furiously spun its rear tires on the hot, slippery surface and, deftly feathering the throttle pedal to regain traction, Butner managed to complete the eighth-mile distance in a dismal 6.31 seconds with a finish line speed of 118.72 miles per hour.

“It was just way too hot out there,” recalled Butner. “Our first run had such bad tire spin I wasn’t even sure if it would recover. Immediately after that pass, we decided to change the rear gear ratio to something less aggressive.”

However, Butner’s second qualifying effort was still well off his standard pace when the car lost traction approximately one hundred feet off the starting line before clocking a slightly improved 6.04/119.50.

In moderately better weather conditions but with similar track temperatures, Butner made his third and final qualifying run on the second day of competition and was disappointed with a run of 6.07 seconds despite the fact he recorded his fastest finish line speed yet in SuperCar Showdown competition at 119.74 miles per hour. To make matters worse, the Butner’s Auto Sales Mustang qualified well behind his two toughest opponents. Butner’s arch rival Drew Skillman and close friend Chris Holbrook, both of whom drive similar supercharged 2012 Mustang Cobra Jets, traded the top position in the field with runs


under six seconds. In the final qualifying period, Holbrook’s Varsity Ford dealership-sponsored ride streaked to a 5.89/119.85 before Skillman’s Indianapolis Auto Exchange-backed rig blasted to a 5.84/119.04.


“It may sound strange,” said Butner, “but that third run really turned us around. We weren’t as quick as we needed to be but that 119.74 mph speed showed us we had the power to race with the best cars in the field. That’s when we decided to just use the tools which come with the Mustang from the factory.”

Butner wasn’t referring to a box of wrenches in the Ford’s trunk. Like most racers near his age, thirty-eight year-old Butner grew up in an era of “mechanical automotive tuning”; if something needed to be adjusted, the standard practice involved turning a wrench on a bolt or using a screwdriver to effect a fuel delivery change. “With the older cars, we would compensate for hot track conditions by adjusting the front shocks or struts to change the vehicle’s weight transfer, make changes in the fuel jetting to decrease power, alter the engine timing to change the power curve or even just adjust the tire pressure. Each one of those things involves laying on the ground under a hot car, leaning over a hot engine, and generally just getting hot! With these new Mustangs, we have the ability to manipulate virtually all operating systems electronically and the ADRL SuperCar Showdown rules allow us to do anything we want without replacing the stock engine or chassis components. So that’s exactly what we did!”

Prior to the final qualifying run, Bunter entered a programming “map” into the Cobra Jet’s Electronic Control Unit which would alter the timing of the double overhead camshaft-equipped engine and to allow the car to get past the tricky parts of the track without tire spin.

“The cool part about tuning these cars is we don’t have to take power away from the tires all the way down the track just to get past a very small slippery area. We can just electronically manipulate the power in that small area and use all of our power for the rest of the run. We looked at the computer’s information and it helped us determine where to make adjustments. We had an idea what to change for that last qualifying run but, afterward, the car really just told us what it wanted us to do. We came up with a program which allowed the car to launch normally for eight tenths of a second and then the ECU pulled a huge amount of timing out of the engine for 1.5 seconds before letting the car go back to its regular timing for the rest of the run.”

Butner created and loaded the new “map” and, when the race started, Butner stunned even himself with a 5.80-second charge at the fastest speed ever recorded in SuperCar Showdown racing, 121.08 miles per hour! When Skillman and Holbrook both advanced with runs of 5.83/119.75 and 5.85/120.75, respectively, Butner assumed the role of the quickest car in the category. It also set the stage for a semi-final round meeting with Skillman in a rematch of the championship bout at the most recent ADRL event, (the Summer Drags VIII in Martin, Michigan), which Butner won by a scant eleven thousandths of a second, (19.56 inches).

In the latest chapter of the hottest rivalry in the division, Butner left the starting line first by a minuscule margin but thundered to a 5.83/120.62 victory over Skillman’s 5.90/119.39 to put the white Butner’s Auto Sales Ford in its seventh consecutive final round. Skillman, the twenty-four year-old phenomenon from Indianapolis whose Kendall Oil-backed Cobra Jet won its first SCS title earlier in the season at the Gateway Drags near St. Louis, admitted a critical error after the run. “We changed the rear gear ratio for the race and it was the wrong call,” said Skillman, “We know Bo is always going to throw his best at us and we tried something a bit different and it bit us, plain and simple.”

Prior to meeting Michigander Holbrook in the championship final round for the first time since the ADRL U.S. Drags near Richmond, Virginia, in June, Butner entered another new tuning “map” in the Ford’s ECU and, despite a sizeable reaction time advantage of six hundredths of a second by Holbrook’s silver Cobra Jet, charged to the quickest run of the event at 5.78 seconds while producing a new official SuperCar Showdown World Record Speed of 121.31 miles per hour against Holbrook’s 5.95/120.29.

“Folks need to remember Chris Holbrook builds my engines so we were already both winners when we staged up for the final round,” said an elated Butner as he celebrated his fifth season victory during the winners’ circle celebration. “We were swamped all weekend by fans who wanted to see these cars up close in the pit area and we showed everybody the incredible technology which goes into these Mustangs. It was a very difficult race but it would’ve been a lot tougher without the ability to tune these cars to respond to any conditions. The Cobra Jet is just an amazing automobile!”

The next event on the 2012 American Drag Racing League tour will be the Memphis Drags III to be held at Memphis International Raceway in Millington, Tennessee, on September 7-8.

(Photos by ADRL/Richards)

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Did You Miss The Latest “ADRL Drag Racing Live?”

If so, you missed a great episode and one that featured some awesome guests and some outstanding stories.
Don’t worry, though. All you have to do is click below to listen.

The latest edition of “ADRL Drag Racing Live” presented by Stupid Fast Racing featured a great review of Dragstock IX at zMAX Dragway, Scott Bathurst of ADRL sponsor Classic Graphix and Extreme Pro Stock driver Cary Goforth, who picked up his second ADRL win of 2012 at Dragstock.

Featuring all the top ADRL competitors and personalities as the only weekly show that is 100 percent devoted to the ADRL, “ADRL Drag Racing Live” is a quick-paced and informative online program.

The entertaining 60-minute broadcast of “ADRL Drag Racing Live” presented by Stupid Fast Racing will air live on the ADRL website, www.ADRL.us and also on www.blogtalkradio.com/adrldragracinglive. Every archived show is available on-demand for free on the ADRL website as well.

“ADRL Drag Racing Live” is hosted by ADRL Television personality Bret Kepner and ADRL Director of Media and Communications Josh Hachat.

“We are thrilled to have ‘ADRL Drag Racing Live’ returning for a second season and just as excited to have Stupid Fast Racing as the sponsor for the show,” ADRL Executive Vice President Jeff Fortune said. “They are a great new brand and their support will make for an outstanding new season for the broadcast.”

For more information on Stupid Fast Racing, visit www.reallystupidfast.com or visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/pages/Stupid-Fast-Racing/304188866299701.

To listen to the latest episode of “ADRL Drag Racing Live,” simply click below!


Listen to internet radio with ADRL DragRacing Live on Blog Talk Radio
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PN’s Keith Haney Gets First Round Win In ADRL At Dragstock


Keith Haney Racing accomplished in two races what it took many teams several years: Winning a round in the American Drag Racing League.

Team owner Keith Haney drove his 2012 Chevrolet Camaro to a victory over Randy Weatherford in the first round of Dragstock IX at zMax Dragway on Saturday, his first round win in the ADRL.

And it was quite a victory, as Haney had to pedal the KeithHaneyRacing.com Camaro to the finish line. Haney, the No. 15 qualifier, left first with a .055-second reaction time and then got off and on the throttle twice before making a pass of 4.787 seconds at 120.51 mph, beating the run of 5.505 at 90.04 mph by the No. 2 qualifier.

“That first one was something else,” Haney said. “The car left good, had a good 60-foot and she was moving. I had him on the Tree, too. The car got out there, the power came in, and I guess we were a little behind on the setup a little bit. It washed the rear end out, and I got sideways.

“I saw the blue (of Weatherford’s car) out to my right, and then I saw it gone. I knew I had a chance to win, so I got excited. The adrenaline was going up inside me, and I hit the gas again. I should’ve eased into it, but, no, I went ahead and got into it again. It went back right again, and it got close to the center. So I reeled her back in and went down on the gas again, easily, and got lucky with a round win.”

Haney then fell to No. 10 qualifier Doug Riesterer in the second round, when Riesterer blitzed the track with a pass of 3.836 at 195.28 mph, beating Haney’s run of 4.088 seconds at 186.12 mph.

“We knew Riesterer hadn’t really had a good showing this weekend, but we also know what he’s capable of doing,” Haney said. “When you race the best, you’ve got to beat them. We still didn’t think the track was there, so I’m sure (crew chief) Jeff (Pierce) was conservative in the setup, knowing Riesterer hadn’t really been down the track.

“I had him on the Tree, but the funny thing about it was he caught me at the 60-foot. Then after that, all I could see was tail lights.”

Still, Haney was pleased with the continued progress of his two-car team, despite teammate Monroe Guest failing to qualify. That was a reverse from the team’s first race, at Martin, Mich., when Guest made the race and Haney did not.

Martin was the first time the team’s Reher-Morrison-powered Chevrolets attempted a race, and it came two-and-a-half months after Pierce began working on the new Stroupe Race Cars.
“I can’t give enough props to the team,” Haney said. “No mistakes on the team side today at all. Our first race, we had those – that’s why I said we had the new team blues.

“Both cars ran respectably. We thought Monroe was going to be in, and that was exciting, but then Rickie Jones knocked him out with a 4.06. It left me in, and I was in in the 15th spot and had to run No. 2.”

Guest was No. 13 after three of four qualifying sessions, but then four cars went faster in Q4, leaving Guest .015 seconds from making the race.

“It makes it really hard because we had a good chance last night to run a great number because the conditions were there, the temperature was there, the car was working really good,” Guest said. “We came back out and made some adjustments for today. After we looked at the data, we felt like we needed to back it up a little bit and get it down the track. We felt like we’d probably be safe where we were at.”

Still, Guest posted the team’s top speed after two races, going 186.46 mph.

“We did pick up in the heat, which is very promising,” Guest said. “However, not qualifying is one of the worst things you can do, other than wrecking your car. We’ll go back and look at the data and make adjustments and be ready for the next race.

“The direction we need to go is probably focus a little more on chassis setup, maybe how the car is launching, try to get more off the starting line. At that point, some chassis adjustments will allow the car to pick up. The car needs to be in the .90s to be competitive. It really would be nice to be in the .80s, but we need to be consistently in the .90s.”

Guest, like Haney, is pleased with the progress of the team and knows there is plenty of potential with both cars.

“This was the first time we ran our three-speed transmissions,” Guest said. “The car felt good. I shook two out of four passes, and Keith shook two out of four passes, so we’re kind of finding where our marginal line is to get down the track.

“It was a hot track, very tricky conditions. I think we made progress. We need to analyze what we’ve done, look at the runs where we didn’t get down the track and see if there’s any more adjustments we can do. We have the power, we have plenty of nitrous. Now, maybe we need to take a real hard look at the chassis setup and see if there’s any tweaking we can do there to get the car through the shake zone better.”

Haney and Guest race next at Memphis Drags III at Memphis International Raceway on Sept. 7-8.

“We had a good outing for our second race,” Haney said. “Both cars are doing well. These Stroupe cars are good pieces, and Reher has given us some good motors to do something with. We’ve still got to find the chassis. We’ve got plenty of power, and we’re having no mechanical problems on either one, but we haven’t figured out the chassis setup yet.

“We’ll go back home and do some testing to get ready for Memphis.”

(Photos by ADRL/Richards)

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ADRL Racers Sound Off After Dragstock Has Memorable Debut At zMAX Dragway

Fresh off its debut at zMAX Dragway, the ADRL enjoyed one of its finest weekends as its prestigious Dragstock event reached a new level amidst huge crowds and an unbelievable atmosphere at one of the finest tracks in the nation.

That wasn’t lost on a number of ADRL drivers, who sounded off on a memorable and amazing weekend at zMAX Dragway.

SHANNON JENKINS (Pro Nitrous winner): “Racing at a track like this and being fortunate enough to win it is the greatest feeling you can ever have.”

TIM TINDLE (Pro Extreme winner): “What more could you ask for? It’s a big race and to get that first win here is amazing. This is the place you would want to do it.”

ERIC MCKINNEY (Pro Extreme Motorcycle winner): “This was one of the smoothest tracks I’ve ever been down. This place is awesome. I’ve never been any place like this.

“When we came through the tunnel before the final and I saw the crowd, it was a little overwhelming. My mom had to tell me to calm down.”

CARY GOFORTH (Extreme Pro Stock winner): “I’m lucky enough to win at the two tracks


we’ve never raced before. I mean, what a place.”


BRAD BRAND (Mickey Thompson Extreme 10.5 winner): “This is a killer facility and this was pretty incredible. All of these guys are good racers. If you beat them, you’ve done a good job.”

MIKE JANIS (Aeromotive Fuel Systems Pro Modified winner) “Getting a win here, it’s one of the biggest I’ve had. I’m just so proud of this.”

TREVOR EMAN (Extreme Pro Stock driver): “It was a weekend of great experiences: we got to race at one of the world’s premiere drag racing facilities.”

PETE BERNER (Extreme Pro Stock driver): “I think it was overall one of the largest crowds the ADRL has seen all year and it seemed as though every one of them was a believer in Summit.

JASON SCRUGGS (Pro Extreme driver): “This is the nicest facility I’ve ever been to. There’s a lot of great fans out there and that’s pretty neat to see. I always like racing in this area. It’s in the heart of racing country.”

TRAVIS HARVEY (set Summit Racing Equipment Top Sportsman record with a 4.01): “This is a great facility and a great track, and I was real happy with that. It was one of the smoothest passes I’ve made in the car this year. It was a really good run.”

STAN ALLEN (Pro Nitrous driver): “I really liked this place a lot. It was an unbelievable facility.”

RICKIE JONES (Pro Nitrous driver): “The track is just awesome and it’s one of the nicest facilities you’re ever going to see.”

The eighth race on the 10-race 2012 ADRL Tour takes place on Sept. 7-8 with the Memphis Drags III at Memphis International Raceway.

(Photos by ADRL/Richards)

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Hometown Tour Ends With Bang For Team Aruba

The ADRL Extreme Pro Stock team from Aruba had quite the busy week. Leading up to their hometown race at zMAX Dragway, the team completed a successful test session and Alltel displays in two towns all before the race even began. Once underway under the beating NC sun, the ninth annual Dragstock event turned up the heat to repeat as a fan favorite on the tour. For the Alltel Wireless/Aruba.com team, the heat was the least of their concerns throughout the weekend as they continuously tried new combinations and various setups to gain the edge on the competition. Although the team endured tire shake on the Friday night qualifying session when conditions were best, they still made the field at number 15 with a 4.154. The entire 16 car field was separated by less than six hundredths, so on race day it was anybody’s game.

Round one of XPS was marred by tire shake for nearly every car that went down. Trevor Eman and Team Aruba were one of the teams hit by the tough conditions, but still

Trevor Eman

managed to come out on top. Eman drove through the tire shake to get to the finish line first, beating out competitor Doug Kirk. Unfortunately, the win came at a cost as their Kaase Engine took a fatal blow. The team rallied, and with the help of Jon Kaase himself, as well as fellow competitors, Team Aruba managed to swap engines before round two. After the mad dash to be prepared for round two action, the team had a tough competitor in Brian Gahm. Eman and Gahm left together, but Gahm pulled away for the win.

“I am very proud of our team,” told Eman. “We worked incredibly hard all week, and when we finally thought things would slow down we had our most exhausting battle yet. Even though it ended in a loss, I’m proud of our team for working together to change the motor in between rounds and make it back out to compete in round two. That was the first time we had ever had to change engines between rounds and the team did an excellent job. We really appreciate the help of Jon Kaase and the Pluchino team, who helped us out and let us use their engine hoist, as well as the other teams who offered assistance. The sportsmanship among XPS teams is truly incredible. The competition is awesome, but the camaraderie is even better.

“It was really a hectic week from the beginning,” continued Eman. “From our test session and our displays for a great sponsor of ours, Alltel Wireless, to our set up and work at the track, it was all nonstop. Friday morning we made some radical changes which took all the time we had before the first round of qualifying. The day ended with somewhat of a disappointment as we were not able to be a good pass down the track for the night session, which is usually the make it or break it run. Thankfully, we managed to stay in the field. Saturday, we made more changes before the final qualifying session. After that we thought things might actually slow down when eliminations began, but that wasn’t the case as changing out motor was more hectic than I could have ever imagined.

“Despite all the back breaking work this weekend and the unfortunate incident of blowing our motor, it was still a weekend of great experiences: we got to race at one of the world’s premiere drag racing facilities; we had a weeklong tour of happenings; we were racing at ‘home’; we had plenty of friends and fans from Union, SC and, above all, we had the Prime Minister from Aruba with us together with the Minister Mike de Meza, Minister of Finance, Communication, Utilities and Energy, to partake in this past weekend’s activities. It was their first time being a part of a race together with Team Aruba and it was wonderful to have them with us.”

“I have enjoyed my first drag race in the states,” told Prime Minister Mike Eman of Aruba. “I’m very impressed with Team Aruba’s organization and their team spirit. You see a lot of competitors here, but really you see a lot of friendship. The camaraderie is very reminiscent of life in Aruba. I’m very proud of this team’s accomplishments. They race in great competition and promote our island at the same time. What they’ve accomplished is very inspiring. I know they will continue doing well. They may win some and lose some, but the sportsmanship displayed here is the best outcome of all.”

“All in all it turned out to be a week of mixed emotions with a balancing act of great and terrible experiences all in the same weekend,” added Trevor. “From here we continue focusing on the positive and work all the harder to achieve our goals: promoting our wonderful island of Aruba and working hard for that win!”


(Photos by ADRL/Richards)

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Mel Bush Motorsport​s excited for ADRL Texas event

(03-27-12) Port St. Lucie FL - Mel Bush Motorsports kicks off the 2012 season at the ADRL CarSafe Dragpalooza VIII event in Baytown Texas this weekend. Driver Tommy D'Aprile looks forward to the start of the season, after missing several events in 2011. "We ran only a couple events last season, and I missed seeing the crew and my fellow competitors, so I am really excited about our plans to run all 10 events this season," said D'Aprile.

Mel Bush Motorsports has hired fellow Pro Extreme Competitor Todd Tutterow to tune the car this season, and after some testing up near Tutterow's Yadkinville NC based race shop the season looks promising. “I am really pleased with everything that Todd has done and feel like this is a fresh start and I am looking forward to this season," said Mel Bush, adding "The Pro Extreme Class is absolutely packed with the best Drivers in the Country, and competing at this level is not for the faint at heart."

For Driver Tommy D'Aprile the goal remains the same as always, "I am very excited for this season to begin. I'm a race car driver and my focus and goal is to do the best possible job driving Mel's car. My hunger and desire to win is bigger than ever before. This season my goal is winning races and challenging for the championship. I am confident in and dedicated to Mel and his racing program." said D'Aprile.

Mel Bush Motorsports would like to thank the following supporters, NGK Spark Plugs, Jeffers Pro Cars, Fire Core Spark Plug Wires

For More Information on Tommy D'Aprile follow him on Facebook

The American Drag Racing League (ADRL) will be presented free and live online at www.ADRL.us from start to finish during its highly-anticipated 2012 season. Working with Tyrant Productions for the 2012 ADRL Tour, the world’s premier eighth-mile drag racing league announced on Thursday that each of its 10 events will feature a live, high-quality stream, capturing every run of qualifying and each elimination matchup.
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Taylor & Tindle Team Up For 2012 ADRL Season

(03-27-12) DICKINSON, TX – Big changes seem to be a common occurrence with Frankie “Mad Man” Taylor this off season. Not only did he switch to Bullseye Power twin turbos in his Pro Extreme car but he put the big tires back on his yellow supercharged Jeffers built Corvette.

With the American Drag Racing League (ADRL) season opener just days away, Taylor Racing is pleased to announce that Tim Tindle will be driving the blown Vette for the entire 2012 race season. In addition, the Taylor Team has agreed to tune the supercharged Hemi. The competition is strong in ADRL’s Pro Extreme class and adding Tim to the mix will make it even stronger.

Tindle said “I am excited to join Frankie Taylor and the Taylor Racing team. We have been anxious to start racing in the ADRL and this weekend couldn’t get here fast enough. The Pro Extreme class is stronger than ever and we are fortunate that we will be racing with Frankie and his team.”

“The Taylor team is one of the most competitive teams in the league and I hope that we can both start the season off strong this weekend in Baytown.”

“We ran two cars in the same class several years back and it was a lot easier than running two different tires like we did last season. My crew will definitely be happier,” said Taylor.

Frankie was quick to add, “I felt that the yellow car is way too strong to be sitting in the trailer all year. During the off season, we were trying to find an experienced pro mod driver that could handle this car and we felt that Tim is definitely the right fit. We are very excited to work with him and the entire Tindle Racing Team.”

Back in May of 2010, the yellow car set the Pro Extreme e.t. World Record with a pass of 3.607 seconds. Last season, this car was set up to run with 10.5” tires in both the American and Arabian Drag Racing Leagues. With the small tires, Frankie’s best elapsed time was 3.84 seconds and he finished second in the championship points for both leagues. The yellow Corvette definitely has a great resume and there is so much more that Tindle Racing will add.

Our season starts at Royal Purple Raceway in Houston with the CarSafe Dragpalooza VIII on March 30-31. Please stop by our pits and meet both of our Pro Extreme drivers.
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Ernie Everett Back in 2012


(3-26-2012) Kinston, NC - Ernie Everett, owner of Ernie Everett Site Prep, Inc. has been Quick 8 racing since the mid 90’s. He has won several Quick 8 races, Match races and Big Dog races.

Ernie’s Crew Team consist of; his wife, Marenda Everett who plays a big part in his race team. She never misses a race and has several duties on race day. Jason Rouse serves as Crew Chief on the team. He is really knowledgeable and sharp with the nitrous tuning and all of the electronics on the car. Billy Thomas, another crew member handles everything from preparing the car to driving the transporter. Ernie also has the support of a longtime friend and Quick 8 racer Chris Croom. Chris is a great friend and he works very well with Ernie and his crew.

Look for the team to debut a second car later this season with Chris Croom at the wheel of that one.

Special thanks to all the employees at Ernie Everett Site Prep. Inc. and the many friends that help make this all possible!

Ernie Everett – Car Owner & Driver
867 Cubic Inches Fulton Engine
4 Stage Nitrous Injected
Car built by Prime Time Race Car
Camaro SS

Plenty Of Testing Options Available Before CarSafe Dragpalooza VIII

Racing teams, here are three great options for testing leading into this weekend’s CarSafe Dragpalooza VIII at Royal Purple Raceway in Houston:

  • Texas Motorplex will be open for testing (Tuesday) March 27 and (Wednesday) March 28. The track will be open and available for testing from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on both days to help teams prepare for a championship season that ends with the finale at the Motorplex, Oct. 19-20, which is the ADRL World Finals VIII.
  • The cost for the test session is $300 per car for both days with a minimum of 15 cars participating. There will be track crew, ambulance and fire safety personnel on site both days. To reserve a spot and to hold the $300 fee, please contact Eric McClelland at (972) 878-2641 (972) 878-2641 or at eric@texasmotorplex.com.
  • San Antonio Raceway: Cale Aronson is organizing a test session at San Antonio Raceway on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 27-28. The price is just $250 TOTAL for both days (it’s the same price if you show up for one day or both) and that will include nearly 19 hours of possible testing time.
  • Testing begins at 11 AM on Tuesday and concludes on Wednesday at 5 PM. San Antonio Raceway is located off I-10 exactly 180 miles down the road from Houston Raceway Park. Racers will be accommodated on Monday and Thursday for travel to and from. If you want to test or want more information, e-mail Aronson at cale@gofastquick.com.
  • Tulsa Raceway Park: The dates are March 26-28 (Monday through Wednesday). For those who are interested, please contact Jimmy or Becky at the track at (918) 437-7223 (918) 437-7223.

(Photo by ADRL/Richards)

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Montecalvo To Test Once More Before CarSafe Dragpalooza VIII

Montecalvo's new 2012 Camaro

As the ADRL season opener quickly descends upon the drag racing world, 2010 Extreme Pro Stock World Champ John Montecalvo is already working toward another Championship run. His new 2012 Camaro has been broken in with a Florida test session, and although the session produced promising results, Montecalvo plans to come out swinging and is fitting in one more session at Dallas before CarSafe Dragpalooza VIII this weekend at Royal Purple Raceway in Houston.

“I’m really pleased with our new Camaro,” Montecalvo said. “RJ Race Cars always builds a great ride and this car is certainly no exception. And thanks to Lois Anne’s work with Eddie Hollon on the design, we’ve already received many compliments on the car’s appearance before we’ve made it to the first event. We can’t wait to see the fans’ reactions at Houston.

“Tuesday and Wednesday we’ll get one more test session in before the season begins. We’ve decided to test at Dallas for several reasons. It’s convenient since it’s on the way to Houston. Plus, the weather is very similar to Houston, so hopefully we can find a good race setup. Dallas is also one of our stops on the tour, and it’s always good to gather more info for tracks where we compete.”

The new car is not the only change in Montecalvo’s operation as he’s also quickly adjusting to a new shop, based in Georgia, and new crew members.

“Even with just one time out of the trailer, this crew is already meshing. Justin and Wayne have blended well with the returning crew. It’s like they’ve been together forever. Fans see all the action happen on the track, but ninety percent of our battle is won or lost at the trailer. Having a crew that works well together is essential. I’m thrilled that our team is accomplishing that in such a short amount of time.

“We are extremely excited about this season and debuting our awesome looking new Camaro. Now if it runs as good as it looks – and I am confident that it will – we’ll be in good shape this year.”

Fans can keep up with race results and all the happenings of John Montecalvo Racing on Facebook!

(Photo by Bryan Epps)

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ADRL Sponsors – The Life Blood of the Series!

With the 2012 American Drag Racing League season set to begin in less than a week, now is the time to recognize the incredible support that comes from the sponsor partners of the ADRL. It is only with their time, money, ideas, equipment and support that the ADRL is able to anticipate the coming of the eighth and greatest season yet. This weekend the CarSafe Dragpalooza VIII at Royal Purple Raceway in Houston next Friday and Saturday heralds many new and exciting aspects to the ADRL in 2012.

ADRL Executive Vice President Jeff Fortune said, “As a fan, follower, participant or family member, when you see the sponsor logo or one of the ADRL sponsors at an event, we hope you take the time to acknowledge their support. Whether it is a simple greeting or by having the opportunity to support their company, product or service, we hope you will show your appreciation for all they do to help the ADRL flourish.”

With an abundance of new partners, the ADRL is pleased to have such impressive support from sponsors both within and outside the drag racing industry.

These partners are at the forefront of what makes everything possible in the ADRL, allowing the sanctioning body to race at first-class facilities such as Bristol Dragway and zMAX Dragway, both of which appear on the schedule for the first time in ADRL history in 2012, and offer events like the Summit Racing Equipment Top Sportsman Clash of the Titans, a special TS event in June that will pay out nearly $30,000.

In fact, all of the sponsors on the 2012 ADRL Tour have had a major contributing role for what is expected to be a banner 2012 season.

“It’s very exciting to have the backing from such a large number of loyal and generous sponsors and it’s just as important for our fans and competitors to support these partners,” Fortune said. “It’s their support that makes everything we do possible and there’s no doubt all of them have stepped up even more in 2012.”

To obtain such strong support from companies, the ADRL staff has worked diligently to create new partnerships, working with longtime ADRL sponsors to forge even greater relationships and backing.

The ADRL has also put forth tremendous effort to develop exciting partnerships with a large number of new companies.

These first-time sponsorships reflect the strong state of the ADRL, also giving everyone associated with the ADRL – from fans to drivers to race teams – an abundance of options for products.

From street cars to extended vehicle service contracts to apparel to signage to car parts to credit card processing and much, much more, ADRL sponsors offer an impressive number of products and services to everyone associated with the drag racing league.

“I think it is important that every person involved with the ADRL needs to take a look at the companies on the ADRL website and support those companies. They are the companies that make it possible for the ADRL to be what it is today and for it to continue to grow,” ADRL Sales Director Keith Goolsby said.

“It goes without saying that without the support from these sponsors, there would be no ADRL and it is important that we support these companies by purchasing from them or using their products.”

To view all of the ADRL sponsors, including Official sponsors, visit www.adrl.us.

To see the current list of ADRL Contingency Sponsors, go to www.adrl.us/sponsors/contingency.

To view ADRL Performance Partners, visit www.adrl.us/sponsors/performance-partners.

To see the ADRL Low Qualifier Program sponsors, go to www.adrl.us/sponsors/low-qualifier-program.

To look at the ADRL Specialty Awards sponsors, visit www.adrl.us/event-specialty-awards.

(Photos by ADRL/Richards)

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