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New Products
                                 Santhuff Spindles for 67-69 Camaro        Santhuff DBL Adjustable Mustang Struts
                                         and 68-74 Nova                                                           Part # SAN-5009
                                         Part # SAN-5011                                                       Our Price $2,582.00
                                         Our Price $995.00                                                         IN STOCK NOW!


Xtreme Outlaw Chassis Works
is Proud to Announce that we are a Dealer for
Mark Williams Enterprises

call for all your rears and Components! 

Xtreme Outlaw Chassis Works
is Proud to Announce that we are a Dealer for
Vibrant Performance
Call For All Your Exhaust And Turbo Fabrication Needs

Xtreme Outlaw Chassis Works
is Proud to announce that we are a dealer for
Brodix Cylinder heads
call for all your cylinder head needs.

Xtreme Outlaw Chassis Works
is Proud to Announce that we are a Dealer for
System 1 Filter Products
Call For All Your Filter Products needs!

Xtreme Outlaw Chassis Works
is Excited to Announce that we are a Dealer for
call for all your Suspension and Components! 

Take 5% Off Sale On All AJE Racing Products !!

Hairy Glass
New 1969 Camaro Pro Mod

Xtreme Outlaw Chassis Works
We are Proud to Announce for all your Mustang needs to be a  Dealer for
Wild Rides Race Cars!
Exact fit roll bars and cages
for all your chassis components!

Xtreme Outlaw Chassis Works
Proud to Announce we are a Dealer for
Wilwood Engineering

Please Call For Your Vehicle Application and Pricing

Safecraft Safety Equipment
Model RS10 Drag Race Installed System

10 lbs. system
Starting at $635.00

Xtreme Outlaw Chassis Works
is Proud to Announce that we are a Dealer for

                       NOS Controller !!                                          Wheelie Control !!                    

Eight outputs, all controlled by one digital timer.           Gen II is designed for the racer that needs to 
     The Timer is programmable to one hundredth of            control wheelies of a lower magnitude. The 
     a second accuracy.                                                           original Wheelie-Meter is designed as a way to
     Our Price $999.00                                                             help save a set of headers more than control a 
                                                                                                7" wheelie.                                                                    
                                                                                                   Our Price $949.00                                                       

Xtreme Outlaw Chassis Works
is Proud to Announce that we are a Dealer for

Traction Control!!

Through a patented process developed by Davis Technologies, the units are able to
control wheel spin by monitoring the acceleration rate of the driveshaft. In real-time, the unit learns the acceleration rate of the driveshaft. When the acceleration rate
increases at a rate faster than previously learned, the unit turns on a 12v signal. This
signal is typically connected to a retard stage of the ignition system.
   Our price $2995.00 

Xtreme Outlaw Chassis Works
 Also a Dealer for Jesel Valvetrain Innovation
Call for your combination today.

Lightweight Adjustable Front 4-Link Bracket System Kit With Flat Attachments
Part #
Our Price $

Precision Turbochargers call for all your turbo needs


67-69 Camaro Control Arms
Part # 316-STK     Stock Springs     Our Price $875.00
Part # 316-CO               Coil-Over     Our Price $875.00
Part # 316-PRO -STK   Pro Uppers   Our Price $1025.00
Part # 316-PRO-CO    Coil Over         Our Price $1025.00


Kirkey Aluminum Pro Drag Race Seat                 Kirkey Seat Black Cloth Seat Cover    
Part # ATECH-1027                                               Part # ATECH-1028
Our Price $155.78                                               Our Price $99.50  


2-1/2 # CO2 Bottle                                           CO2 150 # Regulator 
 Part # XTRE-8042                                             Part # XTRE-8044  
   Our Price $89.95                                                Our Price $67.50      


Strange 3.812 bore Aluminum Ultra Case                         Strange 9" Lightweght Aluminum Center    Center Section Fully Assembled                                               Section Fully Assembled                   
Part # STGE-6200                                                                Part # STGE-6197
Our Price $1,715.95                                                            Our Price $1,370.00


              Afco DBL Adjustable 7" Drag Shocks                              Afco DBL Adjustable Front Shocks for
     Part # AFCO-1003                                                  67-69 Camaro           
Our Price $390.41                                              Part # AFCO-1005 
                                                                              Our Price $405.10

                   Carbon Fiber with Kevlar Seat                                47" Carbon Fiber  Wheel Tubs,pair
                             Part # XTRE-8080                                                             Part # XTRE-8077
                             Our Price $450.00                                                             Our Price $650.00       


         Mark Williams Sportsman Anti-Roll Bar                           Mark Williams 3" 4130 CM Driveshaft
                           Part # MW-35105                                                                   Part # MW-39800
                           Our Price $665.00                                                                 Our Price $429.00

           Stroud Air Launcher with #430 Chute                        Stroud Spring Launcher with #430 Chute
                            Part # STRO-4026                                                              Part # STRO-4027
                            Our Price $670.00                                                              Our Price $670.00


             Grant 13" Centering Stripe and Two Button Holes           Stroud 5-way Harness Kam-Lock 
                                         Part # MW-764-1                                                         Part #STRO-4013
                                        Our Price $125.00                                                        Our Price $190.00


Xtreme Outlaw Chassis Works

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